Protestants in Belfast erect barricades in protest at the roadblocks and barriers that have been put up in Catholic areas.

Young Protestant men tell RTÉ News that the barricades in Catholic areas of Belfast are preventing their free movement about the city. The Protestant barricades are a protest against this.

If we erect barricades here it may entice people to take the ones down in the Falls Road and whatnot.

An elderly man is critical of the authorities for not removing the barricades from the Bogside in Derry.

If they had removed the Bogside ones, and all, they wouldn’t have put these ones up here, it’s a protest you see.

Another man says the Protestants have put up barricades because

They didn’t see that it was fair that the Catholics should have their barricades in the Falls Road and not, you know, have them removed.

Reporter Martin Wallace says there is an uneasy sense of foreboding in Belfast. The Scarman Tribunal of Inquiry is due to take evidence into recent acts of violence and civil disturbance in Northern Ireland. The Cameron Commission Report is also due and is bound to cause controversy.

Independent Nationalist Member of Parliament (MP) John Hume says the conduct of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) in the Bogside during the weekend of 4 January 1969 is at the root of the present unrest. He has asked for action to be taken on the matter so tension could be diffused.

A four month inquiry into complaints about the conduct of the RUC in the Bogside was set up under County Inspector H Bailie of RUC headquarters. John Hume is pleased the findings show some of the RUC were found guilty of serious misconduct but is not happy the men named will not face criminal proceedings.

I object very strongly to the fact that no charges are been taken and secondly I ask the question why has it taken so long to reveal this when the report of the inquiry has been in the hands of the inspector general since May.

Eddie McAteer of the Nationalist Party is also unhappy with how long it is taking to bring people to justice for what happened in the Bogside. However, he understands why people in Belfast and Derry feel the need to erect barricades,

Someone has to make the first step, and I believe that these barricades should come down even after only for a trial period, and even if it were only just to see the reaction was of the other side.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 September 1969. The reporters are Eddie Barrett Martin Wallace and Ronnie Turner.