Tense scenes on the streets of Derry turn to violence during the Apprentice Boys Parade.

The annual Apprentice Boys parade in Derry is followed by an outbreak of rioting that will eventually spread across Northern Ireland.

Civil rights and nationalist leaders attempt to control Catholic youths on the streets of Derry. Near the Bogside area of Derry, a call goes up for barricades to be erected to make sure that the Apprentice Boys Parade does not go in that direction.

John Hume tries to calm a group of young Catholics.

The streets are packed with people watching the Apprentice Boys parade featuring bands, and members of the Orange Order marching. Nationalist protesters sing,

We shall not be moved.

At Sackville Street stones are thrown at the police who retaliate. Despite attempts by older members of the nationalist community to calm the situation, they continue to protest.

Both Ivan Cooper and John Hume try to keep the crowd back.

A wreath is laid at the Diamond War Memorial.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 12 August 1969.