British Labour MPs visit the Bogside and hear the views of local residents about the recent violence and the high rate of unemployment.

The members of parliament tour began by meeting representatives of the Citizens Defence Committee and then went on to talk to groups of Catholics on street corners.

The group leader, Arthur Skeffington, Joint Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, received a sharp reaction when he asked "How long are you people going to live like you are living, at one another's throats?"

As the MPs walk through the streets they are heckled on the subject of the B-Specials.

There were also demands made on them for the public release of the Bailey report, which examined police misconduct on the Bogside in January 1969.

The visiting MPs were escorted outside the Bogside by local MPs John Hume and Ivan Cooper, along with other local civic leaders. They went on to visit Protestant areas and some prominent members of the Unionist Party.