Bernadette Devlin, Ivan Cooper and residents of the Bogside complain to RTÉ about the behaviour of the RUC the previous night.

Bernadette Devlin says the riots are a result of 50 years of Unionist misrule in Northern Ireland. Devlin goes on to describe the "organised invasion of the Bogside" by the RUC as a "sheer massacre".

Residents of the Bogside describe the fear of leaving their homes and talk about the riots that occurred the previous night.

Ivan Cooper provides some examples of police brutality that occurred and says that the police are not trained to handle demonstrations. Cooper believes that the government must indicate their plans to implement the demands of the civil rights movement if there is to be an end to the riots.

RUC Officer Graham Shillington denies any accusations of police brutality and points out that over 200 officers were injured.