Robert Porter, Minister for Home Affairs, answers some of the accusations made against the police and defends the original decision to ban the march.

One of the accusations against the police is that they terrorised the Bogside area. However, Porter argues that the police carried out a very difficult job in a very satisfactory manner and stated "I believe that no more force was used than was necessary".

Bernadette Devlin has accused the police of terrorising the Bogside and has described how the police deliberately tried to run down some pedestrians. Porter says he cannot comment on this incidence as he was unaware of it. Devlin has also called for the disbandment of the B-Specials and says that if this doesn't happen, people will have to form a citizen's army.

Porter goes on to justify the ban on the march. James Kelly, northern editor of Independent newspapers, said that Porter was in conclave with members of the Orange Order before introducing the ban on the march. Porter reacts to this accusation and justifies his actions in the build up to the ban. Porter argues that he was influenced by the advice of the RUC.