The Northern Ireland Prime Minister, James Chichester-Clark is highly critical of the Irish government's response to the outbreak of violence.

Chichester-Clark describes the behaviour of the Dublin government as "deplorable". He also blames Republican extremists for the disorder in Belfast.

"The trouble in Belfast began with firing upon the police at widely scattered locations within a short period of time."

For this reason, the Northern Irish government have found it necessary to detain a number of known agitators. According to Chichester-Clark, the Chief-of-Staff of the IRA has admitted that his organisation has been involved in the violence.He also discusses the role of the civil defence and the army in emergency situations.

Chichester-Clark acknowledges that most of the political opposition is opposed to the government party on the fundamental issues of the existence of the state.

The Prime Minister is questioned about the fact that most of the destruction and violence took place in Catholic areas.