The Hunt Report recommends that the Ulster Special Constabulary be disbanded and replaced with a new security force.

'7 Days' takes a look at the workings of the Ulster Special Constabulary and talks to some serving members. 

Former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Basil Brooke (Lord Brookeborough) was the first Commandant of the Ulster Special Constabulary or 'B-Specials' as they are commonly known gives his reaction that the force will be dissolved.. 

The B Specials, probably the most hated police force in Europe.

What are the members of the B-Specials really like and why have they got such a bad reputation? 

Tom McCahy, builder and a member of the Ulster Special Constabulary for the last twenty seven years, recalls situations where he has used his weapon when caught in violence. He believes that a campaign of propaganda has resulted in the B-Specials bad reputation. 

District Commandant Wallace Clarke is the third generation of his family to be a member of the B-Specials. He says the B-Specials were established to fight terrorism in Northern Ireland. He refutes any claims that they are bully boys and says he would not be a member of such a force.

Our image has got completely astray. The reasons why chaps are in the special contabulary, they're ordinary, decent, kindly people just like any other group. They dislike their families being terrorised. 

They are now to be disbanded and replaced by a new internal security force. 

People in the North, Catholics and Protestants, always slightly fear the Specials, especially in time of trouble when jittery fingers have been known to be over hasty on the trigger.

Founder of the B-Specials Lord Brookeborough believes that the B Specials have achieved what they set out to do when they were established over fifty years ago. 

This episode of '7 Days' was broadcast on 17 October 1969. The reporter is Rodney Rice.