Protests turn into violent intimidation and death threats.

In Derry, hundreds gathered to cheer civil rights leaders as they left a special court to which participants in the 5 October 1968 march had been summoned. Among those appearing before the court were Gerry Fitt, Eddie McAteer and Austin Currie.

There were clashes at St Patrick's Hall in Dungannon, Tyrone, when civil rights supporters attending a meeting learned that cars outside were being damaged. Despite appeals, many attendees went outside to confront a unionist gathering. The RUC and civil rights stewards managed to keep the groups apart, but windows were broken and people hurt as sticks and stones were thrown by both sides.

During the disturbances, Jack Hassard, a Protestant and the sole Labour member of Dungannon Urban Council, was attacked by a unionist mob and threatened. Hassard subsequently announced that he was resigning due to death threats.