The impact of violent conflict on the border village of Kiltyclogher in County Leitrim.

Kiltyclogher is a small village in County Leitrim on the border with County Fermanagh. In the 1960s the village experienced a tourism boom. However since 'the Troubles',

Because we're so near the border, people won’t come, they’re scared I suppose.

The technical school in Kiltyclogher was demolished by a bomb in 1973. Since then, children must attend school in Manorhamilton an hours bus journey away. In the future it is fully expected these children will emigrate to earn a living.

It is hard for businesses to thrive in Kiltycolgher and only two of the village’s seven pubs are operational. Since the town hall was also destroyed by a bomb, there are no dances in the village.

The biggest blow to the village’s survival is the cratering by the British Army of all the cross-border roads connecting Kiltyclogher with County Fermanagh. The soldiers also blew up the main bridge out of Kiltyclogher, virtually cutting off the village from half its natural hinterland. The other three roads from Kiltyclogher to Northern Ireland are blocked by massive blocks of steel reinforced concrete. This situation with the roads and bridges, prevents the natural movement of people across the border. 

Desolate, deprived and with no apparent real prospects as a vibrant living community Kiltyclogher is on the brink of extinction.

This episode of 'Seven Days’ was broadcast on 30 March 1976. The reporter is Nick Coffey.