Cross border cooperation results in the repair of roads between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

A project of self help which has cross border dimensions helping to foster good relationships from neighbours on both sides of the border.

A ceremony takes place along the border road known as 'The Green Lane' to mark the resurfacing and facelift of that road, a project which involved the cooperation of thirty two families from both sides of the border.

What they’ve done together has helped draw neighbours and families together and their achievement is very solid, they’re standing on it.

The Clontibret O’Neill Pipe Band performed at the ribbon cutting ceremony along the road which runs between Derrynoose in Northern Ireland and Castleshane near Clontibret in County Monaghan.

Peadar Morgan a Clontibret man and one of the coordinators of the project cut the ribbon declaring the road works complete and marking the culmination of a project that brought people from both sides of the border together.

The road was once three and a half miles of potholes and now after weeks of hard work by the volunteers Peadar Morgan says the road is like a motorway.

They did it together as a team, as a neighbour and the cooperation, I just cannot believe that it could happen in this day and age but it did.

Monaghan County Council agreed to tar the road if the people living along the road did the drainage work. Local families paid a hundred pounds each towards the specialist work and did the rest of the work themselves.

Monaghan County Council say that it would cost forty eight million pounds to repair all the roads in the county and funding doesn’t come near this amount.

Tony Murphy of Monaghan County Council would welcome more community effort to resolve the road problems.

The project has brought people together and provided lasting benefits to the local community on both sides of the border.

This episode of ‘Nationwide’ was broadcast on 8 June 1995. The reporter is Alasdair Jackson.