Cyclists take part in a charity cross border maracycle organised by Co-operation North.

The Co-Operation North Maracycle has two simultaneous starts, one in Dublin and the other in Belfast. The Lord Mayor of Dublin officiates as 1,200 cyclists depart from outside the Mansion House on their 103 mile cycle to Belfast.

As the Dublin cyclists head north, Lord Mayor Alfie Ferguson sees off almost 400 cyclists leaving Belfast en route to Dublin. The two groups passed each other along the Dublin Belfast Road.

The maracyle is organised by Co-operation North, the group that promotes closer links between north and south of Ireland.

Organisers say it is not a race it is merely a two day outing for leisure cyclists.

Ian Woods of Co-Operation North  says the maracycle is for everyone and by participating,

Northerners will hopefully get a feel for what the south is really like and perhaps even more important, as someone from Belfast, southerners will get a feel for what Belfast is really like.

Riders from America, Britain and Holland are participating and a number of charities as well as Co-Operation North will benefit from the maracycle.

The following day the cyclists will make the 103 mile return journey to their respective cities.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 July 1984. The reporter is Joe O’Brien.