A community association in the Bogside want Europe to fund border development in the north west of Ireland with Derry as the regional capital.

The Bogside Community Association in Derry has submitted a development plan to the European Economic Community (EEC) executive, proposing regional aid for Derry and the north-west of Ireland.

Father Denis Bradley from the Association explains that in September 1972, in conjunction with planning consultant Geoffrey Copcutt, they submitted the report ‘Approach to a strategy for Derry and the North-West’ to the Irish and British governments and to the EEC.

The Bogside Community Association would now like to see a team appointed who will draw up a policy for regional development in this area. This would see Derry city designated a regional administrative capital for the north-west of Ireland.

Father Bradley was disappointed by the response the Association's report received from Secretary of State for Northern Ireland William Whitelaw, which recognised the validity of some of their proposals

But the response was not all that favourable, we were highly disappointed in fact with the response.

With the publication of the White Paper, Father Bradley feels it is time to revisit their report and policies. In particular he thinks the Irish government should take up the case and bring it to George Thompson the British Commissioner of the EEC with responsibility for regional policy.

With the backing of the EEC and the local communities involved, 

We believe that a very good regional policy can be worked out for this area which would give a very good future for all the border areas.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 March 1973. The reporter is Rowan Hand.