The numbers studying at NIHE Limerick grows but a dearth of student housing sees rent prices increase.

A shortage of student accommodation has resulted in a number of students squatting in colleges and others pitching tents on campus.

Amounts ranging from twenty to twenty five pounds a week for seven days full board are being asked by some landlords in Limerick.

Most students can expect to pay between fourteen and sixteen pounds per week for five days accommodation in digs. 

As the number of students at NIHE (National Institute for Higher Education) in Limerick grows, so too does the demand for accommodation. A lack of availability and the cost involved has resulted in some students camping on the college grounds and some squatting in the student union offices. 

Since the situation has been publicised, the college has received more reasonably priced offers of accommodation. 

NIHE has been very successful at attracting students from throughout Ireland and as such placed a strain on available accommodation. 

The college and students union agree that the solution is to develop on-campus student accommodation. However, these plans will take around five years to come to fruition. 

An  RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 October 1979. The reporter is Kevin O'Connor.