Puck Fair is a festival where a goat is crowned king and people act the goat for the three days.

Killorglin in County Kerry is the home of the Puck Fair, Ireland’s oldest fair and festival. While its origins may be unclear, the scale of revelry and merrymaking that accompany it every year have not diminished.

I don’t know what to think of it, I think everybody’s mad down here.

Mike Dowd is the festival’s public relations officer, says it’s all clean honest fun,

We crown a goat, but people often say that the goat is king, and people act the goat for three days, and I think that’s very much it.  

This year’s opening parade has a Fianna theme. The king elect is accompanied by marching bands, floats, wolfhounds and young people in traditional Fianna warrior dress. 

The annual horse fair still remains the highlight of the week for the traditionalists. Andrew Myers is a seasoned attendee,

Since I was ten years old I never missed a Puck Fair.

The fair and festival attract up to 75,000 visitors to the town, and it is estimated that it is worth one million pounds to the local economy. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 August 1989. The reporter is Jim Fahy.