Deal or no deal? The complexity of trying to agree the price of a horse in Castleisland, County Kerry.

With the assistance of a mediator, Maurice Reidy of Castleisland is hoping to sell a horse to Mr Raymond.

Mr Raymond offers £200 for the mare but Maurice, also known as Mossie, is looking for £300.

The previous day Mossie says he could have sold the horse to a Frenchman for £200. The mediator points out the Frenchman may not have had the money, whereas Mr Raymond does and he is willing to take the horse away the next day.

The mediator tries to get the two men to settle on the price of £250, but Mossie makes a fuss about this price prompting Mr Raymond to calm matters.

I don’t want to make little of your horse Maurice.

Eventually Maurice agrees to come down to £250.

I’ll just have half ways and I’ll have no more.

But Mr Raymond will only offer £225. The mediator attempts to get the men to settle on £230 but Mr Raymond is not buying at this price.

Maurice wants more money and good luck to him if he can get it.

Mr Raymond cannot be persuaded to buy the horse but tells Mossie,

When you have another one I’ll call around.

This episode of ‘Hall’s Pictorial Weekly’ was broadcast on 27 January 1973. 

Frank Hall’s amusing and satirical series began on 29 September 1971 with the full title ‘Hall’s Pictorial Weekly Incorporating the Provincial Vindicator’ which became known as ‘Hall’s Pictorial Weekly’.

The series allowed Frank Hall to follow his own interest in the lives of viewers throughout the country.

Regarded as RTÉ’s flagship comedy show, it featured satirical sketches on current news stories and popular culture, as well as parody songs, comedy sketches, re-edited videos, cartoons and spoof television formats.

The show ran for nine series until 1980.