Margaret Morrissey gives her account of the 1916 Rising, coming under attack in her family home and losing her father and later her brother.

On the 75th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising 'Live at Three' hosted a special programme to mark the occasion.  Presented by Derek Davis we hear first-hand accounts of people that were there during Easter Week. In this clip from the programme Margaret Morrissey from Dublin tells her story 75 years on and her memories are still very fresh.

Margaret lived on Grants Row, off Mount Street in Dublin and was 12 years old when the Rising took place. She recalls her brothers, who were members of the Citizen Army, training in the weeks leading up to the Rising. They carried out drills with wooden rifles. Margaret goes on to describe the events that she witnessed at Boland's Mill and Mount Street Bridge on Easter Monday. 

We were in the house and the battle was going on... We couldn't get out even to loot.

Later in Easter Week Margaret's home came under attack by British soldiers and both her father and brother were shot. Her father died in Holles Street Hospital and her brother lived on for a further two years. Margaret describes how her father was buried along with other victims in a trench grave at Glasnevin Cemetery. 

Margaret went on to join Clan na nGaedheal girls and Cumman na mBan and stayed in a safe house in the company of Michael Collins.

This episode of 'Live at Three' was broadcast on 1 April 1991.