Callan will be the location for the production of the Neil Jordan film 'Breakfast On Pluto' starring Cillian Murphy.

Written and directed by Neil Jordan, and based on the novel by Patrick McCabe, the film will star Cork actor Cillian Murphy as 'Kitten'.

Located ten miles from Kilkenny City, the town of Callan has been chosen as the location for filming.

The Catholic Diocese of Ossary has granted permission for the parish church in the town to be used in the filming. This is seen as somewhat controversial as the lead character 'Kitten' was born following an illicit affair between a parish priest and his housekeeper. The role of the parish priest is expected to be filled by Liam Neeson.

Father Willie Purcell, who met with Neil Jordan a few weeks earlier, said that when the director first arrived in Callan, he knew it was the perfect location.

The streets still reflected a sense or an image of the seventies and that's exactly what he was trying to capture.

Set designers are in the town building a replica presbytery attached to the church and painters are decorating buildings around the town ahead of filming which begins on 6 September.

Locals in Callan are excited about the prospect of a major film being made in the town. Many are also looking forward to the opportunity of getting a bit part in the film if they fit the bill.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 August 2004. The reporter is Damien Tiernan.