A new magazine 'Dublin' launches in a bid to circumvent a six month ban imposed on the publication 'In Dublin'.

In Dublin’ was banned by Censorship of Publications Board after it found it frequently contained lewd and obscene material. The ban is believed to relate to controversial advertisements for massage parlours and health studios published in the magazine.

The Hoson Company, owned by Mike Hogan is responsible for ‘In Dublin’ and to subvert the ban on the magazine, the publisher has brought out a similar magazine called ‘Dublin’.

The editor of ‘In Dublin’ Alanna Gallagher admits ‘Dublin’

Is similar to ‘In Dublin’, it’s also an entertainment magazine.

Founder and former editor of ‘In Dublin’ John S Doyle disagrees with the ban as the advertisements at the centre of the controversy are to be found in many other publications.

A spokesperson for the Censorship of Publications Board said the Board acted according to the law when it banned ‘In Dublin’. However, Séamus Dooley of the National Union of Journalists believes the law should be changed as the censorship legislation in Ireland dates back to 1946. He sees the ban as a reminder that,

There is a Censorship Board that meets in private which tells adults what they can read and which tells journalists what they can write.

Hoson Publications will be appealing the Censorship Boards’ decision to ban ‘In Dublin’ in the High Court.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 August 1999. The reporter is Orla O'Donnell.