The people of Ballyduff in north Kerry have produced a four hour video on the history and culture of the locality.

The village of Ballyduff with a population of about 1,600 is famous for having the only round tower in County Kerry. A group of locals people have come together to document on videotape the history and culture of the village for future generations. 

Two 2 hour tapes contain the essence of what was and what is Ballyduff from 400 BC to the present.

Sean Quinlan, Michael Buckley and Bertie O'Connor told RTÉ News about how they went about making the video.

After suffering a heart attack, Sean Quinlan was told by his doctor to find something less stressful to do. In March 1988, he embarked on the local history project aided by Michael and Bertie. A year later, the video is complete and they have started a new project to convert an old barn into a museum they hope to open next year. 

The video, documents old songs and memories and was very much a group effort with Dan Shane as cameraman and editor, Sean Quinlan providing the narration, Bertie O'Connor as scriptwriter and Michael Buckley on sound. The production costs came to £13,000 and there are now plans to sell the video to Irish communities in England and America at £75 for the full length video and £45 for the short version.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 June 1989. The reporter is Alasdair Jackson.