A sign post at the entrance to Killarney National Park has resulted in a dispute between jaunting car drivers and the Board of Works.

Taking a jarvey car is an integral part of the tourist experience in Killarney in County Kerry. So much so that Kerry County Council spent £6,000 on a motorcar and jarvey car park opposite Muckross House Estate.

The car park enables tourists to park their cars and take a scenic jarvey car ride to Muckross House.
However, because of a row between the jarveys and the Board of Works, the car park is not being used and jarveys are not available for tourists.

The dispute arose over the erection of a sign outside the entrance to the jarvey car park detailing a car entrance to Muckross House. By enabling tourists to drive their cars through the back entrance to the Muckross House Estate, the jarveys feel they are being denied an opportunity to make a living. 

In frustration over the perceived threat to their earnings, the jarveys physically removed the sign and left it in a ditch. In retaliation, the Board of Works locked the entrance gates to Muckross Estate. For the duration of the summer, the tourists lost one of the finest parts of the scenic drive around Muckross and Dinis.

Dan O’Shea, a jarvey for 20 years, is unrepentant about the removal of the sign and remains adamant that he and the other jarveys suffered financial loss because of it.

The sign went up there for two days; we stood idle for them two days.

The jarveys case has been taken up by Killarney Urban District Council but has not had success. Councillor Teddy Clifford says the jarveys are running out of patience and if a solution is not found he believes the people of Killarney should march to the gates and break them open.

A ‘Newsbeat’ report broadcast on 27 November 1968. The reporter is Michael Ryan.