Plans to revamp the appearance of Killarney a town that does not match the beauty of the area where it is situated.

Killarney earned around £30 million from tourism in 1983 but in the boom time of the 1960s did even better. The people of Killarney have decided that the town is not living up well enough to its surroundings. 

According to Tourism Manager Con O'Connell,

Killarney is situated in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Killarney Working Group carried out a survey to get people to give opinions of their town. The results identified a number of problems including too many derelict areas, the need for more trees and flowers, improving signposting and public amenities and the introduction of traffic restrictions during summer months. 

Harry Wallace, the architect responsible for the survey hopes local people and businesses will take note of the recommendations and make changes accordingly. He describes the project as an invitation to the people of Killarney to participate in the betterment of the town. 

A modest diet of environmental planning has been offered to people.

A scheme is now being implemented to provide assistance to people who wish to take part in the plan. 

The survey results were handed over to Bord Fáilte Director General Michael McNulty, who promised £10,000 in funding towards its implementation. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 March 1984. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.