Wheelie bins offer a new way to remove waste and bring an end to rubbish being left strewn on streets.

One of the biggest problems on bin collection day is the amount of rubbish scattered by weather and animals. A new system hopes to do away with this unsightly and unhygienic issue associated with waste disposal.

The Toter Bin System claims to be kinder to the environment.

A heavy duty plastic dustbin on wheels, which is weather and animal proof, will replace the traditional bin bag. Bin lorries will now have special lifting equipment which will tip the rubbish directly into the refuse truck. 

The Toter System already has a sixty per cent market share in the USA. Now, Tank Engineering Ltd of Blessington in County Wicklow have attained the rights to manufacture the bin for the Irish and UK markets. The bins will be available in different sizes to suit both domestic and commercial users. 

Vivian Murray of the Irish Goods Council explains how the system will work whereby local authorities will purchase large quantities of the bins and lease them to householders and businesses. A standard size bin will cost around sixty pounds with a guaranteed life of ten years and an expected life of around twenty years. He envisages that the new system will make an enormous contribution to cleaning up the environment. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 June 1989. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.