The real Glenroe is famous for dairy farming but might not make the most exciting television viewing.

The RTÉ rural drama based on a fictional village has made 'Glenroe' a household name.

The real village of Glenroe is in a beautiful valley ten miles from Mitchelstown in north Cork just inside the Limerick county border.

Limerick County Councillor Matt O'Callaghan is determined to put the real village of Glenroe on the map. He is critical of what he believes was poor research carried out by RTÉ in finding a name for the soap drama. He points out that the farming programme 'On The Land' has featured the real Glenroe on three occasions.

I was absolutely astounded that it should be depicted by RTÉ as a fictitious place and I'm glad that you've come here to put the matter right and to let the nation see that there is a real Glenroe.

Councillor Michael Maguire reinforces this view that everyone in the parish wants to put the real Glenroe on the map.

The real Glenroe has little apart from a church in need of repair, a few houses and a post office.

The RTÉ soap has also raised questions about the correct pronunciation of the name 'Glenroe'.

Locals would now like to see RTÉ filming in the real Glenroe. However, this might present some problems as the real Glenroe does not have a pub.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 April 1984. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.