What can audiences expect from the new RTÉ soap Fair City?

RTÉ News reports on the launch of the urban drama series 'Fair City'. The series is set in the fictional suburb of Carrigstown on the northside of Dublin. Producer Margaret Gleeson says,

It is set on the north side of Dublin which is different from the south side. It is different in that it isn't 'Eastenders'.  It is different in that is has a lot of very good characters. It is very much set in the Dublin of the 80s

Fair City has a regular cast of 22 and a planned life of eight years. Alasdair Jackson visits the set of Fair City where hopes are that McCoys pub of the mythical Carrigstown will become a household name. Cast members Charlie Roberts, Sighle Toibin, Eanna McLiam and Doreen Keogh outline their hopes for the series.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 September 1989. The reporter is Alasdair Jackson