A new fire station at Rathfarnham is one of several new amenities being built as part of a Dublin Fire Brigade services plan.

Fire stations in Donnybrook and Tallaght are already up and operational, with stations at Phibsboro and Blanchardstown under construction.

The new station at Rathfarnham is just one of several that are being built around the city.

At a cost of around a million pounds each new stations is part of Dublin Corporation's plan to improve fire services in the city. The main objective is to provide proper fire service for any emergency which might arise. 

Michael Walsh, Acting Chief Fire Officer, on the improved fire service in the Dublin region including extra manpower and better equipment which will benefit the service provided. The stations are located in a ring around the city allowing for faster response times. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 April 1984. The reporter is Alan McCullough.