Fifty years since the death of poet and playwright WB Yeats is marked with a service at Drumcliffe, County Sligo.

WB Yeats died in France on 28 January 1939 and was buried there. In 1948, in accordance with his wishes, he was reinterred at Drumcliffe churchyard in Sligo.

Fifty years on, a special service took place to mark the anniversary of his death.  

A single red rose was placed on the grave.

The President of the Yeat's Society laid a wreath on Yeats's grave before the service began. Among those in attendance at the service were his children Michael and Anne, and the niece of Countess Markievicz Aideen Gore-Booth. 

The sermon was given the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin.

Yeats recognised that Ireland was not just an imperfect extension of England but a nation with a peculiar genius, a civilisation and a culture, unique and great.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 January 1989. The reporter is Tommie Gorman.