Outtakes and bloopers from RTÉ News are proof that the job of a reporter is not as easy it looks.

From behind the scenes in the television centre, Colm Connolly introduces a compilation of outtakes from RTÉ News recordings.

A number of the reporters featured, Una O'Hagen, Michael Ryan, Charlie Bird and Gerry Reynolds mispronounce words or make mistakes, and have to redo their piece to camera.

A case of easier done than said.

Both Gerry Reynolds and Colm Connolly find themselves unable to continue with their reports due to an uncontrollable urge to laugh. 

Michael Ryan, Vere Wynn Jones and Tommie Gorman find themselves battling against the weather. In Cork, Tom MacSweeney is unwilling to share the limelight with an obstinate dog.

Sometimes the reporter is the butt of the joke. Alasdair Jackson, a lover of country music, is secretly filmed to capture his reaction to Teresa Mannion’s profile on country singer Paddy O'Brien. During the report Paddy dedicates a song to Alasdair Jackson.

Eileen Magnier assists a champion fisherman who demonstrates his prowess with rod and line by trying to flick a cigarette out of her mouth.

A number of the outtakes show the innovation in producing some news reports. Teresa Mannion conducts an interview while standing on a rock and Michael Lally records a voice-over in a bathroom.

There are also outtakes of the many characters the reporters meet around the county such as a Dean Martin imitator serenading Michael Ryan, and a man participating in an Irish Transport and General Workers' Union Official dispute, who is only too happy to demonstrate his animal impersonation abilities.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 December 1988. The reporter is Colm Connolly.