Best known for his Gift Grub sketches on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM, Mario Rosenstock tells Miriam O'Callaghan about meeting Roy Keane and making him laugh.

Mario Rosenstock had been doing impressions of footballer Roy Keane for eight years and in April 2007, Mario Rosenstock's Roy Keane interviewed Roy Keane.

While Roy Keane is in big demand for interviews and endorsements, he is quite particular about the work he chooses to do. However, one charity close to his heart is The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and Mario says,

They are the only people who seem to be able to get Roy Keane to do anything.

During their meeting at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin, Roy Keane challenged Mario Rosenstock to make him laugh.

When Mario quipped

The FAI is a monument to professionalism.

Roy Keane burst into laughter much to Mario's relief.

This episode of 'Saturday Night with Miriam' was broadcast on 7 July 2007. The presenter is Miriam O'Callaghan.