Princess Diana joins the people of Enniskillen in prayers for peace where six years earlier an IRA bomb had killed eleven people.

In 1987 an IRA bomb killed eleven people at a Remembrance Day ceremony in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, in what is described as one of the worst tragedies in The Troubles in Northern Ireland. 

Six years on, the four main churches in the Fermanagh town united in their prayers for peace. The Princess of Wales joined the family and friends of those who died to plant flowers in a Garden of Remembrance and placed the final stone on a cairn as a symbol of peace. Princess Diana also placed a wreath at the war memorial. 

She placed the final stone on a cairn which would be a symbol of peace on a site close to the cenotaph.

Senator Gordon Wilson, who lost his daughter Marie, and was injured in the attack, also laid a wreath. 

Around fifty Remembrance Day ceremonies took place across Northern Ireland. At a service in St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast, the Bishop of Connor Dr Samuel Poyntz, said that he believed the mood in the North was ripe for peace and that the British and Irish governments must deal with the situation immediately.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 November 1993. The reporter is Michael Fisher.