On Saturday 15 August 1998 a car bomb exploded in Omagh, Co. Tyrone killing 29 people and injuring hundreds more.

A telephone warning had been received by the authorities earlier that day but indicated that the bomb was in a different location meaning that many people walked inadvertently into the path of the bomb.

In this report for RTÉ News on the day of the bombing Brendan Wright describes the aftermath of the bombing with eye witness accounts of the devastation.

One witness describes the scene as "utter carnage" with bodies strewn across the street. Chief Constable Ronnie Flanagan states

This is an attack not carried out against the police or the army, not carried out against the peace process or anything else. This is an attack carried out against the people of Omagh. We've had men, women and children slaughtered here this afternoon. Slaughtered by murderers who wanted to murder. Slaughtered by murderers who have nothing else to offer only murder.

This RTÉ News report was broadcast on the 15 August 1998. The reporter is Brendan Wright.