On 27 August 1979 Lord Mountbatten was murdered while fishing just off the shore near Donegal Bay.

A bomb was detonated on the boat, killing Mountbatten and two teenagers on board. The teenagers were Mountbatten's grandson Nicholas Knatchbull, 14, and crew member Paul Maxwell, 15.  A third passenger, Lady Brabourne, died the following day from injuries suffered in the blast. Lady Brabourne was the mother-in-law of Mountbatten's daughter.  

This RTÉ News report by Colm Connolly shows wreckage being brought ashore by Garda divers at Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo. The debris from the boat is being roughly reassembled at a local Garda station for forensic examination. 

Gardaí investigations continue with roadside questioning of motorists and door to door enquiries. 

The IRA claimed responsibility for the deaths.

In November 1979 Thomas McMahon was convicted of murder for his part in the bombing. He was released 19 years later under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.