Remembrance Day in Enniskillen one year after an IRA bomb inflicted destruction on the town.

Enniskillen residents gather to remember those who fought in the World Wars and those who perished in the bombing in the town one year earlier.

Security in the town was tight but low key as the district had been thoroughly checked earlier. Families and friends of eleven who died in the bombing a year earlier gathered to watch the parade of the British Legion.

Among them, Stephen Ross who is still recovering from his injuries. Gordon Wilson, whose words of compassion following his daughter's death were heard around the world, and Julian Armstrong who searched the rubble for the bodies of his parents.

After the parade, remembrance services were held in the Church of Ireland, the Methodist and the Presbyterian churches. Tributes were paid to those who served in the two world wars and also to the people of Enniskillen, for the fortitude with which they had faced the tragedy of the events a year earlier.

Now that the first anniversary of the bombing is over, it is hoped that the community can return to living its life away from the gaze of the media.

Despite the destruction and death inflicted on the town a year earlier, Canon John McCarthy speaking at St McCartan's Church of Ireland Cathedral, called on the congregation to pledge itself to peace and reconciliation.

What happened last year was simply the slaughter of the innocence and it was quite illogical and it was quite grotesque.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 November 1988. The reporter is Póilín Ní Chiaráin.