What is the cause of the mysterious magical happenings at Squirrel's Leap? The Wanderly Wagon crew investigate.

While on holiday in Squirrel’s Leap, O’Brien and Godmother encounter a number of strange magical occurrences. Fortycoats calls O’Brien using Mike the Magic Microphone offering to help get to the bottom of the mysterious happenings.

I’ll be a magic detective inspector and bring along me magic detector.

Mr Crow explains to Judge that a magic detector acts in the same way that a metal detector finds metal.

Fortycoats arrives at Squirrels Leap in his flying sweetshop and discovers the mice have travelled with him without permission.

Fortycoats demonstrates how his magic detector works and O’Brien tries it out for himself. The magic detector leads him to the magic book and from there they decide to investigate the village post office.

The much loved and fondly remembered children’s drama ‘Wanderly Wagon’ was first broadcast on 30 September 1967. Nora O'Mahony plays the role of Godmother, Eugene Lambert is O'Brien and Bill Golding is Fortycoats.

The script for ‘The Magic Detector’ is by Carolyn Swift who wrote over 100 episodes of 'Wanderly Wagon'.

This episode of ‘Wanderly Wagon’ was broadcast on 3 November 1978. The producer is Anne Makower.