How have children's television viewing patterns and tastes changed since 1989?

Broadcast on 16 January 1989 the programme ‘Down the Tube’ asks children what they like and dislike watching on TV. In 1989 all viewing was through a TV set, as opposed to the multi-platform viewing of today.

Some of the more popular programmes mentioned by the children include: Dallas, Zig and Zag, Hulk Hogan, Neighbours, Coronation Street, Number One, McKiever, the A-Team, MacGyver, the Bionic Woman, the Incredible Hulk, Brookside, Bosco, Dempsey's Den, Glenroe, and Jo-Maxi.  

'Down the Tube' was a television series about television. Presented by Marian Finucane, a panel of guests reflected on the week's television. The programme also contained reports about television production.

'Down the Tube' was first broadcast on 3 October 1988 and continued until 1989.