Tallaght has grown rapidly and has a population greater than Limerick city but the area has few facilities.

The need for proper development is highlighted by the Tallaght Chamber of Commerce who has released details of a study commissioned by them on the area.  

Designated by Dublin County Council planners as a new town, Tallaght has never grown into what was originally envisaged for it.  New council housing estates were built, and the area’s population grew, but without facilities in place such as a hospital or town centre.  

Tallaght Chamber of Commerce has released an independent study on the area, which concludes that promises made by county planners must be delivered now.

Noel McElhatton from Tallaght Chamber of Commerce believes that locating a regional technical college and a hospital in Tallaght will give it the boost it needs, 

If you take those two things together you have the RTC you have the hospital therefore you have a lot of highly trained professionals.   They will therefore need housing. Not public sector they will need private sector housing. 

Minister for Social Welfare Michael Woods pledged the government’s support for a Tallaght development plan, 

What they’re looking for is greater cohesion, and a more co-ordinated approach to the problems of Tallaght, and the government will certainly support them in that. Tallaght is an area for development.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 June 1988.  The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.