Once a quiet village Tallaght will soon have a population bigger than many provincial towns. How will it retain a sense of community?

'Learning for Life' looks at the potential of adult education to help Tallaght which is fast becoming a large Dublin suburb. Between 1960 and 1975, the quiet village has been transformed with the expansion of Dublin. Farms had become housing estates, and Tallaght would soon have a population bigger than that of many provincial towns. There were concerns that decisions be taken now to ensure it became a community.

Principal Pádraic Heeran of Tallaght Community School believes that

Tallaght has an enormous potential. It is young, it is growing, it can avoid many of the problems that has hit other growing areas that we know of in the past in Dublin. It is quite a wonderful place beautifully situated and it would be a pity if we don't tap that great potential.

Brother Declan who is the chairman of the Tallaght Community School board believes that adult education can help the area to become a community.

This edition of 'Learning for Life' was broadcast on 18 June 1975. The presenter is John Bowman.