An Post has over 300,000 letters that cannot be delivered.

They are the parcels and letters that nobody seems to want and certainly can't get.

An Post has admitted that it is in possession of over 300,000 letters and parcels that can't be delivered. The company says they have been sent with incorrect addresses, with no information on the sender. An Post now plans to open the mail to see where it originated. The undelivered mail is being stored at the Sorting Centre in West Dublin. 

An Post says that the problem stems from a reluctance on the part of Irish people to place the sender's address on envelopes. Many of the letters and parcels have incorrect or old addresses where the intended recipient may have moved on. 

Maureen Duff of An Post claims that An Post has already attempted to deliver these letters and parcels and now they must try to find out where they came from.

From September, An Post plans to start a campaign to encourage Irish people to put return addresses on packages. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 June 2003. The reporter is Ray Kennedy.