Pigeon post may be a thing of the past but the lack of a telephone service in parts of Kerry could see it make a return.

Looscanagh, six miles from Kenmare in County Kerry is a pleasant place but for Frank Moynahan, manager of the Shepherd's Inn living and running a business there without a telephone is a daily challenge.

When you live in a place like this where there isn’t any telephone service, you have to come up with something to make communication with your nearest town.

Frank Moynahan is proposing a novel solution to the problem. He plan is to import a pigeon from specialist breeder Max Robinson in London, to bring messages to and from the Shepherd's Inn and its associated company the Aghadoe Heights Hotel. The pigeon will cover the distance between Aghadoe and Looscanagh in about 15 minutes.

In 1968 Frank applied to the Department of Posts and Telegraphs for a telephone but was quoted £35,000- £40,000 to bring a telephone service into Looscanagh. In comparison to this astronomical figure, the pigeon will cost just £35 and once familiar with the route between point A and point B, will be immediately ready to carry messages.

If you’d like to come down here next February, I’ll show you the pigeon in action.

This episode of ‘Hall’s Pictorial Weekly’ was broadcast on 4 November 1972. The reporter is Dick Hogan.