Selina Scott presents awards to members of the Irish fashion industry.

The inaugural Satzenbrau Fashion Oscars are taking place in Dublin to honour the to the top five performers in the Irish fashion business. A glittering gathering assembled in Berkeley Court Hotel for a gala event honouring those involved in different aspects of the fashion industry.

Senior Brand Manager at Satzenbau Jean Callanan says they instigated the fashion Oscars because,

A lot of what was going on was actually unacknowledged publicly, and while there are awards for designers there have never been awards in Ireland, for people who make a contribution to the fashion industry.

BBC ‘Clothes Show’ presenter Selina Scott hosted the event and awarded the bronze Satzenbrau Oscars, designed by sculptor Leo Higgins to the top five performers in Ireland fashion industry.

The best fashion photographer award went to Mike Bunn, described by judges as,

The man who put emotion into Irish fashion photography.

Freda Hayes from the Blarney Woollen Mills won the best buyer award and Richard Lewis, known for his soft elegant designs, received the award the best Spring/Summer 1988 Collection.

Aly Dunne won the award for best model, but was unable to make it to the awards due to work commitments in New York. Her agent Rebecca Morgan accepted the award on her behalf.

The special award for an individual who has made a particular contribution to the Irish fashion industry went to Sybil Connolly.

Selina Scott was lavish in her praise of Irish fashion designs saying it has a reputation for producing quality as well as excellent design.

She believes honouring different aspects of the industry is a good idea.

I think it’s essential because they are all part of the same thing. You can’t now approach international fashion piecemeal, you have to go at it with everything that you've got and this is everything Ireland has got.

She cites the international model Aly Dunne as a fine example of what Ireland can achieve.

She's got to be there along with the photographers and the buyers to put it across.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 May 1988. The reporter is Cathy Halloran.