A look at the training processes behind successful fashion models.

Fashion models are made, not born and many women with aspirations of becoming a household name, attend poise and personality courses which can then lead them to proper modelling courses. Such classes are not expensive and are seen as a small investment in a glamorous future.

Inevitably some girls in this class will fall by the wayside, will either give up all idea of modelling or they will be discretely informed that they have no future in the trade.

A participant in a modelling course can expect to learn how to walk and display items of clothing pleasingly.
They also undertake long sessions in grooming, hairdressing, and make-up application, as it is important they know what suits them and what look will work for the job they are doing. Learning to pose for fashion photographs is important too, as this is where a good model will make most of her earnings.

Charles Ward Mills runs a model training school and agency in Dublin. Considering the numbers of women attending his courses, he believes there is enough work for them as full-time working models.

It has never been as good as it is now for them, there are increasing opportunities for them in both the photographic field, the fashion show field and of course commercial advertising.

While not every pupil can expect to become a top model, Charles has devised a system of courses that will screen out model failures. Ultimately, only four girls are selected to work for particular firms and these women will benefit from resulting opportunities.

This episode of ‘Newsbeat’ was broadcast on 29 November 1967. The reporter is Cathal O’Shannon.