Futura Fashion Fair opens in Dublin with an expectation of £12 million in clothing orders.

The Fair caters for fashion buyers from all over the country and this year it is bigger than ever with 300 stands.

As the Irish rag trade has suffered lately, is it wise marketing to have so many foreign manufacturers at a major Irish fashion event? Managing Director of Futura Fair Gerry Murphy thinks it is. Futura Fair presents the retail scene as it exists, so there is a sensible a mix of imported and home produced product. It provides a platform for the Irish manufacturer.

Michael Banks from the Irish Goods Council is happy that Irish manufacturers are holding their own. He believes £6 million will be generated by follow on business from the fair.

Futura Fair even has something from the soap operas, with a £7,500 fox fur straight from the Carrington household in ‘Dynasty’. However an outfit from the ‘Dallas’ line costing £90 - £150 may prove more realistic for most people.

An RTÉ News report by Mary Fanning broadcast on 15 September 1985.