Dave Allen explains the unique nature of Irish humour with some of his own fine story telling.

Back for a performance in Dublin the city where he was born Dave Allen talks about the often darkly comical take on life in Ireland.   

Irish humour is a magnificent black humour.

For Dave Allen, Ireland is the only place in the world that really accepts death. He describes the ritual of the wake as a marvellous celebration. 

The wake is a joyful occasion.

Dan Allen tells the story of a man arriving in a small town in Ireland following the death of a local woman who was hated by everyone in the town. Unsurprisingly, the tale has a humorous ending.  

Appearing at the Dublin Theatre Festival Dave Allen was performing 'An Evening with Dave Allen' at the Gaiety Theatre

This episode of 'The Late Late Show' was broadcast on 6 October 1979. The presenter is Gay Byrne.