Film actress, television star and author Pauline McLynn is most identified as the character of Mrs Doyle, Father Ted's housekeeper.

Following the success of Father Ted, Pauline McLynn has become a household name for her role as Mrs Doyle. Her success doesn't end there. 

She's a movie actress, she's a TV sitcom star, she's an author, just last night she was among the chosen as one of the women of the year...

Pauline McLynn, sporting her "Nana Mouskouri look" chats to Pat about the Women of the Year event, her early days as a jobbing actor with what is now the Rough Theatre Company, starring alongside Tom Cruise in the film 'Far and Away', and being recognised on the street as Mrs Doyle of Father Ted fame. 

I have Mrs Doyle in a box at home.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 25 October 2002. The presenter is Pat Kenny.