A wish comes true for young Tara Leahy who gets to make a record.

The Dream Machine makes young viewers of 'Youngline' wishes come true. Tara Leahy wanted to make her own record. Presenter Conor McAnally explains to Tara how the recording process works. 

Tara Leahy records two tracks 'My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean' and 'Mull of Kintyre' with the help of sound engineer Terry Gough.

With two tracks in the recorded, it was a trip to Dublin Disc Cutting Services where a vinyl disc was made of the recording. 

Tara Leahy is now a recording artist.

This episode of 'Youngline' was broadcast on 27 December 1979.

The Dream Machine was a segment of ‘Youngline’ which allowed young viewers to write in to request for a dream to come true. In other episodes of Youngline, viewers got the chance to try out being a vet, train driver, and nurse for a day.

Youngline was a once weekly, half-hour magazine show for younger viewers. The first programme was broadcast on Tuesday, 23 November 1976 from 5.30 to 6.00pm. Youngline continued until May 1984.