The Variety Club of Ireland fancy dress ball is in full swing at the Metropole in Dublin.

The fancy dress ball is a charity event organised by the Variety Club of Ireland in aid of the blind and under-privileged children of Ireland. There are cash prizes on offer for the best costumes. Previously they collected almost £5,000 for worthy causes, including the provision of a swimming pool for the blind boys at St Josephs in Drumcondra.

Tickets  for the ball are two guineas each and the Variety Club are hoping to collect £10,000 to provide a swimming-pool for the blind girls at St Mary's in Merrion.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin James Joseph O'Keeffe welcomes Queensland, Australia's ‘Girl in a Million' competition winner Miriam Barker to the ball. The Royal Showband and the Metropole Orchestra, led by Joe Coughlan provide the music, with the Royalettes performing dance routines.

There is £130 available in cash prizes for the best costumes; one prize of £25 and twenty other prizes of five guineas each. There are also numerous raffle prizes, ranging from an Aer Lingus bag to a kitchen sink. 

Actor Noel Purcell is also attending the ball and he will be assisting two children from the Central Remedial Clinic to switch on the Grafton Street Christmas lights. At this occasion, the Grafton Street Traders will be presenting a cheque for £50 to the Variety Club of Ireland for the blind.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 November 1962. This slip is mute.