'Billy The Music' is a ballet using folk and classical elements telling the story of a nomadic musician and the people he met on his travels.

This performance was recorded on the opening night of 'Billy The Music' at the Cork Opera House on 29 January 1974.

Dancers include Terry John Bates, Melanie Morgan, Monica Johansson, Stephaine Murphy, Jonathan Aiden, Kay McLoughlin, Rosemary Stacey, Babil Gandara, Richard Rowe and John Kelly.

The music was written by Seán Ó Riada and the dance choreography was by Joan Denise Moriarty, who uses traditional dance as the basis of the piece, making it a truly Irish ballet. 

The story concerns Úna, whose charms have captivated the accordion player, Billy The Music. However, she ignores his advances and being a man of magical powers he casts a spell on her. 

'Irish Ballet Company: Billy the Music' was broadcast on 4 August 1976.