Interaction 77 is the sixth annual exhibition of work from art students from schools across Ireland.

Áine O'Connor speaks to artist Nigel Rolfe about Interaction 77. Nigel Rolfe says that the exhibition is an opportunity for students to put their work in the public eye and to see how the art school community is developing.  While he does not defend any of the art, he does defend the ethos of the artist work ethic.

A real alternative in the educational system, a liberal alternative towards their own ideas in a visual way.

Nigel Rolfe believes art school provides a very diverse education and it is up to the students to make their own way. He describes the diversity of work on show from realism to organic use of materials.

Lots of ideas carried out well in lots of ways.

He does, however, recognise that Ireland has a long way to go on an international level. 

This episode of PM was broadcast on 19 October 1977. The reporter is Áine O'Connor.

PM was a magazine series reporting on aspects of Irish life with interludes for music from Irish performers. 

PM first began on Tuesday, 20 September 1977 and was initially aired three nights a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7 pm on RTÉ 1. The original presenters John O'Donoghue, Áine O'Connor, Nicholas Coffey and Doireann Ní Bhriain were later joined by Pat Kenny. 

As editor Noel Smyth sees it, the Tuesday programme will consist mainly of film reports on topical events anywhere in Ireland, the Wednesday edition will concentrate on studio discussions, and the Thursday programme will be in Irish, with just as wide a brief as the other two.

(RTÉ Guide, 16 September 1977, Vol.1, No.37, p.18)

P.M. ran until Thursday, 12 April 1979.