An exhibition of musical instruments organised by the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and held at the National Concert Hall on 13 September 1982.

The exhibition is a celebration of not just traditional Irish instruments, such as the harp, but also celebrates instruments from the wider European tradition, such as the bass fiddle from the middle of the 17th century, the bouzouki from eastern Europe, the rebec (from the Medieval and early Renaissance era) and the viol.

Reporter Pádhraic Ó Ciardha chats to some of those contributing to the exhibition.

Waltons (Walton Musical Instruments Ltd.) has been in the business of selling instruments for many years, and as Niall Walton explains, they have also been in the business of making instruments too.

Ní raibh éinne ag déanamh feadóg stáin in Éireann, ach bhí a lán daoine ag baint úsáid as, i gceol tradisiúnach agus sna scoil, agus mar sin, thosaigh muid ag déanamh, agus anois, tá an feadóg stain againn."

Shane McAuley from the IDA explains that the purpose of the exhibition is to provide an opportunity for the general public and musicians to meet the instrument makers.

Tá súil agam amach anseo...go mbeidh said in ann maireachtáil gan cabhrú an IDA, tá an IDA ann chun cabhrú leo tosnú, chun an gnó a thosnú, ach in ndiaidh an cabhrú uainne, agus tá sé sinn riachtanach...tar éis roinnt bliana, tá súil agam go mbeidh said in aghaidh maireachtáil gan cabhrú...

Kenneth Jones is the owner of a company that manufactures pipe organs, a process which according to Kenneth hasn't changed much since the 17th century. 

This episode of 'Fáilte' was broadcast on RTÉ 2 on 11 October 1982.