John Huston and his son Tony talk about their love of horses and making films in Ireland.

John Huston is in Ireland to make his latest film, ‘The List of Adrian Messenger’. On location in the Phoenix Park he takes time out to chat to 'Broadsheet' reporter Seamus Kelly. He talks about what attracted him to Ireland, 

The beauty of the country, the hospitality, the good will and high spirits of the people, and the horses.

Tony Huston has inherited his father’s love of horses, and is working as an extra in this film as a horse rider. His father is paying him very reasonably, and Tony doesn’t find him too difficult to work for, 

He hasn’t told me off really badly once...he’s very nice.

Reporter Seamus Kelly forgets the fact that John Huston filmed ‘Moby Dick’ in Youghal in 1954, all the more embarrassing as he himself had a role in that film. Thankfully for him, Huston goes on to talk about his wish list of future projects, which includes a film about Ireland.  He also has a reputation for generously engaging Irish actors in his films, 

I think they’re natural actors.

‘The List of Adrian Messenger’ was released in 1963, and starred Kirk Douglas, George C. Scott and Dana Wynter.

'Broadsheet' was a magazine style, nightly review of people and events introduced by John O'Donoghue and presented by the Broadsheet Unit.

This episode of 'Broadsheet' was broadcast on 26 September 1962. The reporter is Seamus Kelly.