On 3 January 1964 American film director, producer, writer and actor gave up his American citizenship and became an Irish citizen at a ceremony at the Department of Justice before Minister Charles Haughey.

Sitting on a park bench in Saint Stephen's Green in Dublin John Huston tells Kevin O'Kelly about his connection with Ireland and his recent decision to become an Irish citizen.

I've lived in Ireland for the last twelve years and I intend to make Ireland my home for the rest of my life.

He talks about how his children Anjelica and Tony are Irish in their way of thinking, speaking and living. Huston has a special love for Galway and describes Ireland as tranquil and serene. From fox-hunting to salmon fishing to the Irish weather, these are all things that attract John Huston to the country. 

I think the Irish skies are among the most beautiful in the world. There's a constant drama going on up there.

Commenting on his future plans to make films in Ireland he says he hopes to become part of the Irish film industry. 

An RTÉ News report by Kevin O'Kelly broadcast on 3 January 1964.